A Safer Moscow

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Yesterday, 29 Mar. 2010, 39 people were killed in Moscow during the morning rush hours by two separate subway suicide bombers. At the moment, no group has claimed responsibility for the attacks, which were staged by an unidentified pair of young females, but the overwhelming consensus is that Chechnyan militants are to blame. From the perspective of many Muscovites, regardless of who staged the attacks, the Russian government is also to blame for their failure to protect its citizens.

In response to both this argument and the increased threat of terrorism in Moscow, Russian federal forces will now be assigned to protecting the capital’s subways, which have been targeted on several occasions by militants over the past twenty years (this week’s attack was the most deadly since 2004). However, the topic of taking a more technological response, which we at Electrone support, has been raised as well.

It is our opinion that adding multiple layers of security in Moscow that include both human and technological components will provide citizens with the best level of protection from terrorist violence. As such, while boosting military presence at subway stations is a must, this action unto itself will not suffice to combat terrorists. Electrone understands the benefits of multi-layered security, even at the micro-level of devices (such as http://www.electrone.com/content.php?ref=page_soln6a1), and recommends that government officials in Moscow increase their ability to electronically detect security threats to their transit systems.

Electrone expresses the deepest of condolences for the victims of these bombings, their loved ones, and the people of Moscow, whose lives have been terrorized by these recent acts of violence.

Ergonomic Keyboard / Keyboard with Touchpad


As much as today’s computer technology differs from that of ten years ago, the reality is that the basic peripherals attached to our computers have basically remained the same. The most glaring example of this is the computer keyboard. Electrone Americas Ltd., Co. encourages you to try replacing your computer keyboard with a more ergonomic keyboard from the EAL 9000 Series of Keyboards—the EAL 9004 Keyboard with Touchpad.

Only 10.25″ in width, 5.75″ in depth, and 1″ in height, the EAL 9004 is a mini keyboard with a conveniently small form. It is the best keyboard to solve to desk space crowding. With an integral two-button touchpad for mouse emulation; silent tactile keys; as well as 12 function keys and an embedded numeric pad; the EAL 9004 Keyboard with Touchpad also boasts convenient functionality. Additionally, the pc keyboard can be equipped with a plastic, protective key skin or given a foreign language layout, making it an extremely versatile computer device.

The size and touchpad feature of this mini keyboard exemplify just how a small footprint can make a big difference. For one, it is easier to place our ergonomic keyboard in a comfortable position on your desk than its normal-sized counterparts, which can have the effects of limiting pain/numbness in your neck, shoulders, and/or wrists. The EAL 9004 Keyboard with Touchpad also helps limit your hands’ movement over your desk from keyboard to mouse and mouse to keyboard, which translates to less stress on your hands, wrists, arms, elbows, and shoulders.

So, if you feel like your workstation is too crowded for you to function or if you experience pain after a long day in front of your computer, it is definitely time for a new, ergonomic keyboard for your computer: the EAL 9004 Keyboard with Touchpad from Electrone.

Electrone’s Customer Loyalty Program

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This is just to notify everyone that Electrone will so be initiating the EAL Customer Loyalty Program this spring. We know that our customers can choose to buy their IT peripherals and solutions from a lot of different companies. Our new customer loyalty program is going to be our way of thanking you all for choosing us—and making your purchases from us a little more affordable and/or rewarding. Stay tuned for updates on the progress of this program!

Later this week, look for another informative post about news related to our favorite topic—information technology!

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Customized PIN Pads Help Prevent Identity Theft

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Identity theft is nothing new, and unfortunately, since scammers have to keep up with technology to be able to beat it, the ways that criminals are stealing identities is constantly evolving. Check out the post below to find out how customized PIN pads can help in the present-day fight against identity theft. For information about the PIN pads discussed in the article, please visit the following site: http://www.electrone.com/content.php?ref=page_soln3. And of course, if you have any questions, comments, or just want to say, “Hello!” please e-mail me at zenobiac@electroneamericas.com or call Electrone at 561-395-3398.


Zenobia Y. Charles

Marketing Manager                                                         

Recently, there has been an uptrend of identity theft scams involving PIN pads. Criminals are switching out vendors’ PIN pads with their own, and then coming back to collect their phony pads. Once they have their phony pads back, they extract the private account information of those customers who had the misfortune of using them.

 To prevent this type of identity theft, vendors must proactively guard their PIN pads against tampering. Vendors that heavily rely upon cashless payment systems can do this with customized and/or mountable PIN pads, which scammers cannot readily duplicate and replace with phonies.  

Customized PIN Pads help vendors prevent identity theft and provide their customers with easy-to-use cashless payment devices. Since PIN pads can feature a wide variety of firmware and hardware options, they are adaptable to most cashless payment systems and can be designed to indicate the functions of a certain vendor’s payment system or even its color scheme.

Consequently, Customized PIN pads are incredibly difficult for a criminal to replicate, which deters tampering and identity theft. PIN pads that have been customized for surface-mounting are particularly safe, since criminals cannot readily remove these units from a store. Where, then, should vendors look for customized PIN pads? Electrone Americas Ltd., Co., which specializes in developing custom PIN pads, is the company to start with.

Electrone’s customized PIN pads support multiple cashless payment system applications and can be outfitted to include a magnetic stripe reader; fingerprint reader; or smart card reader. Features such as these help prevent identity theft by requiring additional identity verification. The PIN pads’ key tops and legends are customizable, so vendors can implement unique PIN pads that not only can scammers not replicate for the purposes of identity theft, but that streamline their customers’ payment process.

For extra security against identity theft, Electrone PIN pads can be designed for surface mounting, which safeguards against their removal by identity thieves. As an additional bonus, these units have the option to be equipped with wipe-clean membranes, and even metal enclosures. Versatile and resilient, Electrone PIN pads are being used by an Illinois medical institution in order to comply with rigid state laws that force medical centers to protect their customers from identity theft.

For more information on how customized PIN Pads can protect your customers, call Electrone at 561-395-3398 or e-mail Gonzalo Perez. You can also visit www.electrone.com.

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Electrone Americas is proud to announce that it is revolutionizing the way that it communicates with you all (our customers and potential customers). We are going to be putting a much greater emphasis on electronic communications, which allow us to instantaneously provide you with up-to-date information about what we are up to down here in Boca Raton, FL. Hence this blog, “News from Electrone Americas”!

For those of you all who are unfamiliar with Electrone, visit our website at http://www.electrone.com. Get to know us…that is what this blog is all about! Look for weekly updates from Electrone about our products (of course), but about all sorts of things related to the wide world of IT peripherals.

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