Ergonomic Keyboard / Keyboard with Touchpad


As much as today’s computer technology differs from that of ten years ago, the reality is that the basic peripherals attached to our computers have basically remained the same. The most glaring example of this is the computer keyboard. Electrone Americas Ltd., Co. encourages you to try replacing your computer keyboard with a more ergonomic keyboard from the EAL 9000 Series of Keyboards—the EAL 9004 Keyboard with Touchpad.

Only 10.25″ in width, 5.75″ in depth, and 1″ in height, the EAL 9004 is a mini keyboard with a conveniently small form. It is the best keyboard to solve to desk space crowding. With an integral two-button touchpad for mouse emulation; silent tactile keys; as well as 12 function keys and an embedded numeric pad; the EAL 9004 Keyboard with Touchpad also boasts convenient functionality. Additionally, the pc keyboard can be equipped with a plastic, protective key skin or given a foreign language layout, making it an extremely versatile computer device.

The size and touchpad feature of this mini keyboard exemplify just how a small footprint can make a big difference. For one, it is easier to place our ergonomic keyboard in a comfortable position on your desk than its normal-sized counterparts, which can have the effects of limiting pain/numbness in your neck, shoulders, and/or wrists. The EAL 9004 Keyboard with Touchpad also helps limit your hands’ movement over your desk from keyboard to mouse and mouse to keyboard, which translates to less stress on your hands, wrists, arms, elbows, and shoulders.

So, if you feel like your workstation is too crowded for you to function or if you experience pain after a long day in front of your computer, it is definitely time for a new, ergonomic keyboard for your computer: the EAL 9004 Keyboard with Touchpad from Electrone.


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