A Safer Moscow

Hello, All:

Yesterday, 29 Mar. 2010, 39 people were killed in Moscow during the morning rush hours by two separate subway suicide bombers. At the moment, no group has claimed responsibility for the attacks, which were staged by an unidentified pair of young females, but the overwhelming consensus is that Chechnyan militants are to blame. From the perspective of many Muscovites, regardless of who staged the attacks, the Russian government is also to blame for their failure to protect its citizens.

In response to both this argument and the increased threat of terrorism in Moscow, Russian federal forces will now be assigned to protecting the capital’s subways, which have been targeted on several occasions by militants over the past twenty years (this week’s attack was the most deadly since 2004). However, the topic of taking a more technological response, which we at Electrone support, has been raised as well.

It is our opinion that adding multiple layers of security in Moscow that include both human and technological components will provide citizens with the best level of protection from terrorist violence. As such, while boosting military presence at subway stations is a must, this action unto itself will not suffice to combat terrorists. Electrone understands the benefits of multi-layered security, even at the micro-level of devices (such as http://www.electrone.com/content.php?ref=page_soln6a1), and recommends that government officials in Moscow increase their ability to electronically detect security threats to their transit systems.

Electrone expresses the deepest of condolences for the victims of these bombings, their loved ones, and the people of Moscow, whose lives have been terrorized by these recent acts of violence.


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