Electrone Designated North American Stocking Distributor for Tipro Programmable Keyboards

By Electrone Americas Ltd., Co.


BOCA RATON, Fla., May 3 — /PRNewswire/ — Electrone Americas Ltd., Co. is now a stocking distributor for Tipro, one of the world’s leading programmable keyboard manufacturers. Headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, Electrone’s new distributorship gives customers in the US, Canada, and Mexico increased local access to durable Tipro Programmable Keyboards with local support in both English and Spanish

Electrone has been chosen by Tipro as a stocking distributor of their programmable keyboards due to Electrone’s reputation as a world-class IT peripherals company with over 25 years of experience with the North American market. Well-practiced in matching customers with data-entry tools (i.e., keypads and keyboards), Electrone has demonstrated that it can capably help people get the right Tipro Programmable Keyboard to meet their specific requirements.

As a North American stocking distributor of Tipro Programmable Keyboards, Electrone is now offering customers throughout the continent a wide variety of units from the keyboard manufacturer’s diverse ranges of industrial, POS, and matrix (modular) programmable keyboards. Each of the Tipro Programmable Keyboard ranges that Electrone stocks has a unique set of technological and design characteristics relevant to a different type of work environment, such as a retail store or office. Nevertheless, Electrone’s Tipro offerings all have a common  ability to save time and make complex operations easier, faster, and more efficient.

Adaptable to a wide range of different applications, the Tipro Programmable Keyboards Electrone is now stocking can be used just as readily for industrial testing and control as for institutional hospitality. Many of these programmable keyboards can be designed to include all kinds of unique features, like LCD screens; handsets; and microphones, but Electrone also has a stock of more basic units with 32 to 256 programmable keys effective for reducing repetitive typing.

The daily tasks of security guards, store clerks, and computer programmers can all be streamlined by the use of a Tipro Programmable Keyboard at their workstation. With the benefit of Electrone’s expertise, North American companies can now more readily give their employees the advantage of having these powerful, user-programmable tools, and thus dramatically reduce the cost of their business’ day-to-day operations.

Electrone is proud to offer Tipro Programmable Keyboards. For more information about Tipro Programmable Keyboards, please call Electrone Americas Ltd., Co. at 561-395-3398 or e-mail IT Specialist Gonzalo Perez at gonzalop@electroneamericas.com

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Electrone Americas Launches New Call Center Keyboard Case Study Program

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Electrone Americas Ltd., Co. is pleased to announce the launch of its new Call Center Keyboard Case Study Program. The study is geared toward evaluating the effects of using more ergonomic, space-efficient keyboards on the performance and job satisfaction of call center customer service representatives. If you are interested in having your call center participate in this exclusive program, please review the information below. The application deadline is 30 Apr. 2010. Please contact Electrone Americas Marketing Research Director, Zenobia Charles, at 561-395-3398 or e-mail zenobiac@electroneamericas.com for an application or additional information.


Electrone specializes in providing our customers with IT peripherals and solutions that alleviate workplace problems and/or improve workplace productivity and efficiency. A recent case study (please see attached document) revealed that workstation elements/design have considerable effects on employee satisfaction and performance in the call center environment. This study revealed that the more flexible and cockpit-like their workspace, the more comfortable that call center employees were at their station and the better they performed on the phone with customers.

Currently, Electrone keyboards are being utilized in call center facilities; but their effects on the workplace environment has yet to be studied-hence our Call Center Keyboard Case Study. This study has been designed to focus on determining the effects of providing call center representatives with smaller, more ergonomic keyboards from Electrone and determining how the devices affect their job satisfaction and performance.


The Call Center Keyboard Case Study is a 30-day study that will allow your call center to place some of Electrone’s user-friendly mini keyboards in the hands of a select group of its employees, and ultimately reap the benefits suggested by the aforementioned study. Our mini keyboards are the best for solving desk space crowding-a common problem in the call center environment-and they are extremely durable; under 12-month warranty; and flexible to a wide variety of specifications.

Once the units are in use on the floor of the call center chosen by your company, Electrone will periodically check in with the call center supervisor(s) to inquire as to how your employees are adapting to using our keyboards and to address any issues and/or concerns as well as take general comments.

To complete the study, Electrone will collect an exit questionnaire from each of the employees that utilized our keyboard in your company’s facility as well as from their supervisor. (The information extracted from your company will be used in Electrone publications regarding our keyboards.) Finally, at the end of the study period, if your company is indeed satisfied with the effects of our products within its call center, then our keyboards will be yours to keep!


In order to participate in this program, please clearly fill out our Case Study Participation Form (please call 561-395-3398 or e-mail zenobiac@electroneamericas.com for an application) and send it back to us as indicated. It is that simple! With the exception of return shipping, there is absolutely no cost to you for evaluating our keyboards unless you decide to keep them.

Electrone looks forward to having our units in your facility for evaluation. We are certain that our elite 9000 Series Mini Keyboards will prove to be quite an asset to your facility!

Making Self Service Easier

Hello, All:

The popular trend in the service industry is toward self-service. Businesses have found enabling their customers to perform for themselves tasks that were once performed by service representatives to be an extremely efficient and economical alternative to traditional customer service. Recognizing this trend, Electrone has worked steadily to present its customers with tools that accommodate their need for self-service automation. Please read below for information about one of these tools: the EAL 9053 Industrial Keyboard for ATM Machines and Kiosks.

All the Best,
Zenobia Y. Charles
Marketing Manager
                                                                               The EAL 9053

ATM machines and kiosks enable businesses to give their customers self service options for everyday tasks; and if they effectively allow people to complete these tasks, ATM machines and kiosks can be very efficient ways to economize a business by lessening the demand for service representatives.

Electrone Americas Ltd., Co. has worked steadily to develop an industrial keyboard that will work seamlessly with ATM machines and kiosks to ensure that end users can quickly and easily accomplish their ATM and kiosk tasks. The end result is our EAL 9053 Industrial Keyboard for ATM Machines and Kiosks, the latest edition to the family of EAL Keyboards.

The EAL 9053 is the ideal industrial keyboard for ATM machines and kiosks. This mini keyboard boasts a conveniently small form that allows it to be easily integrated with ATM machines and kiosks of virtually any size. The unit also has multiple connectivity options (USB, PS/2, Serial) that help make integration easier. Additionally, our kiosk keyboard also boasts a rugged aluminum enclosure for added durability as well as secure mounting within an ATM or kiosk.

With the option to feature specially rubberized keys or an entirely wipe-clean, weather-resistant membrane, the EAL 9053 Industrial Keyboard can easily be customized for ATM machines and kiosks located in harsh environments. As added bonuses, the 9053 has an embedded touchpad feature (pictured herein without touchpad feature) and comes with a custom holder to facilitate panel mounting the unit as necessitated by a given ATM or kiosk.

For further information regarding the EAL 9053 Industrial Keyboard for ATM and Kiosks please e-mail Gonzalo Perez (GonzaloP@electroneamericas.com) or call 561-395-3398. We will be pleased to discuss your specific requirements!