Making Self Service Easier

Hello, All:

The popular trend in the service industry is toward self-service. Businesses have found enabling their customers to perform for themselves tasks that were once performed by service representatives to be an extremely efficient and economical alternative to traditional customer service. Recognizing this trend, Electrone has worked steadily to present its customers with tools that accommodate their need for self-service automation. Please read below for information about one of these tools: the EAL 9053 Industrial Keyboard for ATM Machines and Kiosks.

All the Best,
Zenobia Y. Charles
Marketing Manager
                                                                               The EAL 9053

ATM machines and kiosks enable businesses to give their customers self service options for everyday tasks; and if they effectively allow people to complete these tasks, ATM machines and kiosks can be very efficient ways to economize a business by lessening the demand for service representatives.

Electrone Americas Ltd., Co. has worked steadily to develop an industrial keyboard that will work seamlessly with ATM machines and kiosks to ensure that end users can quickly and easily accomplish their ATM and kiosk tasks. The end result is our EAL 9053 Industrial Keyboard for ATM Machines and Kiosks, the latest edition to the family of EAL Keyboards.

The EAL 9053 is the ideal industrial keyboard for ATM machines and kiosks. This mini keyboard boasts a conveniently small form that allows it to be easily integrated with ATM machines and kiosks of virtually any size. The unit also has multiple connectivity options (USB, PS/2, Serial) that help make integration easier. Additionally, our kiosk keyboard also boasts a rugged aluminum enclosure for added durability as well as secure mounting within an ATM or kiosk.

With the option to feature specially rubberized keys or an entirely wipe-clean, weather-resistant membrane, the EAL 9053 Industrial Keyboard can easily be customized for ATM machines and kiosks located in harsh environments. As added bonuses, the 9053 has an embedded touchpad feature (pictured herein without touchpad feature) and comes with a custom holder to facilitate panel mounting the unit as necessitated by a given ATM or kiosk.

For further information regarding the EAL 9053 Industrial Keyboard for ATM and Kiosks please e-mail Gonzalo Perez ( or call 561-395-3398. We will be pleased to discuss your specific requirements!


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