New Security Camera Control Console from Electrone Designed to Aid the Fight Against Terrorism

System 200

BOCA RATON, Fla., April 19 /PRNewswire/ — According to top security professionals, security camera surveillance technology is vital to any successful counterterrorism strategy. With the recent release of its latest security camera control console, the EAL System 200 Security Camera Control Console, Electrone Americas Ltd., Co. has made a valuable contribution to the arsenal of technology for the fight against terrorism.

Recently many major cities around the world—particularly cities like New York and London that have fallen victim to terrorism—have been expanding their security camera surveillance networks. After the recent subway terrorist attack in Moscow, Russian security agents looked to their camera system for answers, and found that it was technologically insufficient to have prevented the bombing. Consequently, Moscow will now be joining the larger trend of implementing more advanced security camera surveillance technology, like the EAL System 200 Security Camera Control Console, to fight against terrorism.

Equipped to remotely control a large number of cameras over a network as well as consolidate the operations necessary to manage cameras for security applications, the EAL System 200 is a powerful tool for combating terror. The standard model EAL System 200 has a triple-axis joystick that enables security agents to easily manipulate high-tech digital security cameras in their effort to identify potential terrorists. This model also features a 2-port USB hub for seamless integration with other devices pivotal to operating an effective counterterrorism security camera system.

Optionally, the EAL System 200 can be supplied as a “mouse-stick” for security software that allows camera control using a mouse, thus allowing security agents much more flexibility in operating this type of software for counter-terrorist security applications. The unit can also be customized to feature up to 70 programmable buttons and/or a graphic LCD display with 4 soft keys, both of which features make light of navigating even the largest of camera networks.

The programmable keys dramatically streamline monitoring tasks and are a valuable asset during terror alerts when security agents are rushed to complete multiple tasks. The LCD display feature allows specific commands to be issued directly to the security agent operating the console—a communication capability that is invaluable to a counterterrorism security camera network.

For more information about the System 200 and how it can help your security camera surveillance network, please call Electrone Americas at 561-395-3398 or e-mail

 CONTACT: Gonzalo Perez, +1-561-395-3398 or e-mail

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