Compact Industrial Keyboards Ideal for ATM Maintenance and Industrial Machinery


We’re Back!!! Hello, it seems so long ago since we have posted a blog. We have been so busy perfecting out products that the year has just flown by. Hopefully, we are here to stay. We look forward to receiving your posts and suggestions on products you may like to see us offer.

Electrone Americas Ltd., Co.’s compact industrial keyboards are now being offered to industrial professionals for use as ATM maintenance keyboards and machinery components. These industrial keyboards, which include the 9004; the 9005; and the 9053, boast not only a small footprint ideal for settings with limited space, but a full QWERTY key layout with an embedded numeric keypad plus 12 function keys. They also have mechanical key switches for increased durability in harsh environments. All of the keyboards in Electrone’s line of compact industrial keyboards are customizable to include hazard-resistant, wipe-clean membranes, and some include metal chasses for rack mount installations.

Like all of Electrone’s compact industrial keyboards, the 9004 has a conveniently small form (10.25″ in width, 5.75″ in depth, and 1″ in height), a robust build, and multiple connectivity options (serial, PS/2, and USB). It also features an integral, two-button touchpad, which frees users from needing a mouse. In addition to its long life cycle, the compact size and touchpad feature of the 9004 make it uniquely suited to be used as a keyboard for ATM maintenance. It has already been used by several technicians for ATM maintenance on ATMs such as the Diebold Opteva—one of Diebold’s hallmark ATM products. The 9004 Compact Industrial Keyboard is currently offered with a hazard-resistant membrane (the 9004R).

The 9005 Compact Industrial Keyboard is similar in size to the 9004, but features a metal chassis instead of a touchpad. The 9005’s aluminum chassis makes it the perfect industrial keyboard solution for applications that offer limited mounting space, such as industrial machinery systems. With a 9005 Compact Industrial Keyboard, industrial professionals can have a space-efficient keyboard for their industrial machinery that still provides excellent data entry capabilities. The 9005 is also offered with a hazard-resistant membrane (the 9005R).

The 9053 Compact Industrial Keyboard impeccably combines operational space efficiency with industrial resiliency, and is offered with a hazard-resistant membrane as well (the 9053R). The 9053 has all of the features of the 9005, but includes the touchpad of the 9004. This gives industrial users a keyboard option that is both mountable in harsh environments and built to operate with limited peripheral accessories (i.e., a mouse). The 9053—and all of Electrone’s entire line of compact industrial keyboards—is suited for virtually any industrial application.

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