Cashless Payment System

FreedomPay provides the most flexible, turnkey cashless solution to help organizations eliminate cash handling, reduce the high cost of credit cards and increase employee satisfaction. FreedomPay’s Cashless solution is a cost-effective alternative to cash and credit cards. Through FreedomPay’s contactless payment, checkout takes seconds, employees are never restricted by the cash in their wallet and administratively, the burden of cash and credit cards is eliminated.

The FreedomPay non-integrated terminal with the 735 keypad is an economical, easy-to-use device for conducting payment transactions using the FreedomPay stored value cashless system. The non-integrated terminal is easy to install and can be used at any retail counter, multi-lane environment or corporate cafeteria regardless of the Point-of-Sale system as integration is not required.  The 735 keypad connects to the FreedomPay non-integrated terminal via a RS232 connection.