Effective Keyboards For Extreme Environments

Electrone America’s can supply a range of keyboards and mice that are designed for sensitive environments. In environments, such as hospitals, laboratories and test centers, the ability to keep the keyboard and mouse clean is paramount to business.

Imagine a keyboard that is impervious to liquid and spray cleaning products and can be rinsed under running water. Electrone America’s keyboards can be disinfected with out the need to disconnect them from the computer’s they are being used with. If your business is in a sensitive environment, contact Electrone Americas today –http://www.electrone.com/content.php?ref=page_soln2d7


Gym/Health Club Management Software & 735 Keypads

The Electrone 735 range of keypads are the perfect fit for gym and health club management software; the keypads easy adaptability and flexibility makes the Electrone 735 rangethe perfect choice to complement the software application; whether you need to track customers attendance or usage, the Electrone 735 keypads range can integrate an external device to accommodate a secure and easy identification; external readers like: RFID readers, finger print readers, Bar code readers and magnetic card readers are available.

The Electrone 735 keypad range is easy to integrate with your club software application offering serial, USB, TCP or PoE interfaces.
FOR MORE INFORMATION: http://www.keyboardspecials.com/Keypad_Models.html

Personal Information Entry Keypad

In 2010 Identity Theft affected 8.1 million, according to a report by Javelin Strategy & Research, with the overall losses from identity fraud totaling $37 billion. Recognizing the threat of identity theft and security breaches, Electrone Americas has taken a prominent stance at helping public service offices including schools, banks, hospitals, and government agencies protect their customers’ personal information, such as birth date, social security number and credit card information through the use of custom programmed, specialty keypads. These keypads, the 735 range of specialty keypads, are designed to fit seamlessly into the software these industries already use without the need to say confidential information out loud, but with the option to manually type into the keypad for verification, customers will appreciate the steps businesses take to reduce the potential of identity theft.

Users of Electrone Americas’ 735 range of keypads will be able increase customer loyalty by providing a solution to keep personal information secure.

The 735 range of keypads can be built with a variety of security and compatibility options based on Electrone Americas client specifications.

Learn More: http://electrone.com/content.php?ref=page_soln3

Hospital Timekeeping and Deduction System

JBDev was developed in a hospital for hospitals, around the needs of the nursing staff, addressing the problems of the floating nurse, the in-charge nurse, and all the other challenges that nurse’s face.

The JBDev Express Terminal is the perfect fit for your timekeeping needs and budget. With ever-changing application requirements and advances in development tools, you need a timekeeping solution encompassing simplicity, versatility and power.

The JBDev system allow employees to make purchases from the gift shop, cafeteria, or pharmacy, and deduct them straight from their paycheck integrating the Electrone Vega 7000 terminal. Employees can view their purchases at the time clock, any time of day. Purchases are made in real time so the instant they are made they will be ready to view. Managers have a variety of reports available to view the deduction data and export into Excel. The Electrone Vega 7000 readers are network-ready and fit easily on any countertop.