Electrone Banking Systems-ATMs

Discover Electrone’s first class banking systems. Electrone has years of experience providing quality electronic solutions to major U.S. companies.

With a wide range of custom designed devices to assist customers in self-service and cash handling. Experience the best cash dispenser solutions including audio, and other hardware features with Electrone and Wincor Nixdorf’s ATMs. Our ATMs provide top-notch solutions for branches, lobbies, and drive-up ATMs.

Handle your clients’ needs with our carefully designed monitors that offer an attractive design, guidance, user satisfaction, quality system management and softkey, touch operations.

Clients have access to multiple options in accessing their bank accounts, including obtaining credit card cash advances, checking their balances, making cash withdrawals, purchasing prepaid cell phone credit, and all other aspects of ATM functioning.

Some of the main functions our indoor systems offer include innovative, clean print, coin processing, optimal graphic interface, check acceptance, and bulk cash and check deposits.

If you’re looking for new ways of giving quality service that go beyond competitors’ services, we can help! Our innovative in-lobby equipment provides efficient cash deposits and dispenses, available for use in open customer zones, as well as in front offices

Look into our Cash Dispenser, Cash Dispenser with intelligent deposit ability, and our 2100 Cash recycling ATMs for your electronic needs. Electrone ATMs are designed to make your bank’s financial processes innovative and efficient. Electrone’s experience in designing a multitude of IT solutions addresses customer needs in handling cash in all environments.

For more information, request a proposal at: http://www.electronesystems.com/rfp.html


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