Electrone Lobby Equipment

When it comes to cash transactions, Electrone’s in-lobby machines are ideal for you’re your banking systems. They efficiently deposit and dispense cash and can be utilized in open customer zones as well as in front offices. This makes it convenient for customers’ needs.

The many features offered for automated teller safes are sure to exceed your clients’ expectations! Some of these features include providing devices that are secured to the floor, preventing burglar activity with alarm system, allowing different users to be set up at each unit, and many more.

Each of our uniquely designed teller safes take care of every client’s specific requirements. Our goal is to assist your business with our productive solutions at a reasonable price.

All of our teller safes come with a dispensing system, frontload or rearload, and either a counter or under counter model. We have numerous models with different specializations for your unique needs. Our models include the ProCash 5000, ProCash 5000 mini, ProCash 5100, ProCash 6000xe and the ProCash 6100xe.

Let Electrone Banking Systems provide your business with lobby equipment you know you can trust. With 20 years of experience, we know how to supply top-notch products to meet customers’ expectations.

For more information, request a proposal at: http://www.electronesystems.com/rfp.html


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