Electrone Products

Full-Function ATMs: Our ATMs are multifunctional. They offer cost-optimized transaction handling and revitalize customer dialog. No other ATMs compare with these systems’ flexible combinations, optimal configuration and high availability. These unique systems provide rapid return-on-investment and give economical solutions that dramatically reduce costs.

-ProCash 2150xe: This is a full functioning, indoor ATM that can handle several functions. It comes built-in, free-standing, half through the wall, or fully integrated with a frame. This ATM can even be customized to fit local requirements.

-ProCash 2250xe: The ProCash 2250xe and 2350xe are drive-up ATMs, specifically designed for use from cars, and are full functioning. They have climate control capabilities specifically for outdoor environments and ruggedized enclosures. These systems come with several standard features, similar to the 215xe, that make them high performing and robust.

Cash Dispense ATMs: These high-tech deposit systems automate the whole cash handling process. This ultimately shortens your cash cycle!

-ProCash 1500xe: The ProCash 1500xe is the perfect solution for branches or off-premises locations that have high dispense volumes with small space, as it is made to be installed in a wall.

-2100xe: This system has similar functions to the 1500xe, but can come as a free standing ATM. It also has a climate control ability that can be installed outdoors.

Cash Recycling Systems: The ProCash Cash Recycling Systems are unique in their ability to accept customer deposits in up to five denominations of banknotes during anytime, and can use these same notes for the withdrawals. These systems reduce time-consuming and cost-intensive replacement and removal procedures.

-ProCash 6000xe: The ProCash 6000xe differs from the ProCash 6100xe in that the 6000xe is a counter model cash recycling system, while the 6100xe comes as an under-counter model. Both however, boast a small footprint.

For more information, request a proposal at: http://www.electronesystems.com/rfp.html

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