Electrone’s New Call Center Keyboard

Electrone’s new space-efficient keyboards are more ergonomically sound for call center customer service representatives.


Specializing in IT solutions for customers, Electrone helps to increase workplace efficiency and productivity. Many elements and design aspects of the workplace effect employee satisfaction and company performance. When devices are composed with a high level of flexibility, employees become more comfortable and can perform more efficiently, leading to higher customer satisfaction.


Many call center facilities use Electrone keyboards for efficient business environments.


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Electrone Helps Merchant Services Provide Affordable Credit Card Processing Terminals for Merchants





The highly affordable, non-proprietary EAL 8908 Credit Card Processing Terminals developed by Electrone Americas are currently available for merchant service providers to give merchants proper credit card processing requirements. These terminals are the perfect POS solutions for processing credit, debit, gift and smart chip cards. Compared to similar credit card processing terminals available on the market, the EAL 8908 provides the highest value for its cost.

Usually, a merchant service provider is selected based on price. The merchant service industry is now growing and competition is becoming more relevant, so a great way for merchant service providers to stand out among the competition is by adapting to their software and network new credit card processing terminals that are reasonably priced and better equipped compared to their current ones. Electrone’s EAL 8908 Credit Card Processing Terminal is the best unit based on technological proficiency, programmability, cost and ease of use, providing businesses with economical terminal solutions.

The numerous advanced, useful and adaptable features that Electrone’s EAL 8908 offers, meet the demands of today’s busy retail environment. With it’s small footprint, quiet thermal printer, fast 32-bit microprocessor, large back-lit display, 4 separate SIM card slots, ATM-style interface, easy-press keys and various connectivity options, no other processing terminal can compare.

The EAL 8908’s outstanding features and affordable price allows merchant service providers an all-in-one POS alternative to be integrated into their other networks. Electrone’s terminals enhance credit card processing for any merchant client.

For more details on EAL 8908 Credit Card Processing Terminals, visit http://www.electrone.com/content.php?ref=page_soln10