Military Grade Trackballs

Electrone America’s military grade trackballs continue to stand above the competition with guaranteed performance. The military trackball module provides the user with smooth and precise operation ensuring accurate cursor control in the most hazardous conditions. Complete with three integrated military grade micro switches, users can trust this trackball’s precision.

The Electrone range of trackballs has been selected for use in an avionics suite, commonly used in the U.S. Navy’s MH-60R and MH-60S multi mission SEAHAWK helicopters. The Electrone trackball replaces a common programmable keyset to offer more reliable precision and ease of use. The avionics suite includes enables aircrew to perform diverse missions.

The Electrone Range of Military Trackballs has additionally been selected by a major blue Chip European Military System manufacturer. After another manufacturer was not able to customize their order, Electrone stepped up to undertake the project. Through collaboration and close communication with the Military System Engineers, the F60 Military Trackball was designed and launched based on the desired features and requirements. Consultations and approval at each stage of the design process, including pre-production prototyping, ensured that the final unit was exactly what the customer required.



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