Electrone’s New Call Center Keyboard

Electrone’s new space-efficient keyboards are more ergonomically sound for call center customer service representatives.

Specializing in IT solutions for customers, Electrone helps to increase workplace efficiency and productivity. Many elements and design aspects of the workplace effect employee satisfaction and company performance. When devices are composed with a high level of flexibility, employees become more comfortable and can perform more efficiently, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Many call center facilities use Electrone keyboards for efficient business environments.

For more information, visit http://www.electrone.com/content.php?ref=page_soln2c

Healthcare Uses of Zebra Printers and Electrone Wipe-Clean Keypad



Specimen Labels for healthcare facilities can be printed at the exact point of collection and print a bar coded label for a patient’s chart with the use of Electrone’s Zebra Printers. These printers ultimately reduce the risk of entering incorrect information on patients.

Additionally, pharmacy labels can be made that scan prescribed medicine, as well as print bar coded labels containing patient information by using the QL Plus within the pharmacy. This reduces the risk of incorrectly filled patient prescriptions.

Electrone’s QL Plus Series Printers are a great investment in the healthcare field to provide efficient solutions and prevent careless mistakes.

For more information, visit http://www.cdce.com/images/pdf/Zebra%20QL%20Plus%20Series%20Spec%20Sheet.pdf