Electrone Americas has keypads for many Zebra Printers

One of the best business practices that Electrone America prides itself on is listening to the customer and devising an instrument that meets the customer’s needs and expectations. A good example of this is the custom range of the 720S serial key pads. Retailers doing markdown, hospitals making wrist band I.D, and many pharmacies needing label printing said they wanted a keypad that would integrate with their Zebra Technology printers. They sent in the request and their request was answered in spades.


While the Zebra printers are desktop, the keypad can sit right beside it. Customers can select standard or custom keys, wipe-clean keys and/or protective rubber buttons. If desired, the unit can be made to be wall-mounted. Good news for the user is the key pads have custom firmware and cables which allow them to integrate with any of the Zebra printers running the compatible version of ZBI (Zebra Basic Interpreter).


For those that have been planning and hoping, the answer is right here, right now.


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