Value Load Terminals

Electrone has a long history of supplying peripherals and components to its partners for deployment in schools catering environments. In addition, Electrone has built market-specific key pads and devices for individual country and market solutions being deployed by key partners.

As the schools catering solutions requirements have changed in recent years due to the desire to implement cashless school catering solutions then Electrone has expanded its range of hardware solutions to meet the changing market demands. Electrone can utilise its range of keypads as online student account balance checkers, through integration with individual software applications from key partners.

In addition, Electrone has recognised that as school authorities’ move to cashless catering they need to be able to meet the needs of all of their pupils when establishing the procedures for crediting their school meals account with payments. There are several online payment options available for implementation but it is recognised that there needs to be an automated means to credit cash into the accounts. Using the schools administrative staff is not an effective or efficient means of doing this so Electrone has developed a range of VLT’s (Value Load Terminals).

Electrone has developed 2 models of VLT to cater for the different technology being used in the market sectors being addressed.

The VLT 101 is a proximity card- based model which has a small display, a card acceptor and a note and coin acceptor.

The VLT 301 is a biometric-based touch-screen model with a fingerprint reader and a note and coin acceptor. Additional features, such as key pads for authentication/verification, can also be added to meet individual customer requirements.

Whilst the VLT models have been built with the requirements of the school meals sector in mind, they are flexible enough and based on industry standard hardware so that they can be integrated into other environments where user accounts need to be charged up with cash deposits. This could be sports clubs, social clubs, golf clubs or individual company cafeterias where employees want to add value to their meal accounts.


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