Electrone Americas ES 150 keyboard

Emergency Services are under pressure to shorten response times

Too often we hear about someone who has called for Emergency Services and the service was delayed because the 911 operator at the call center did not know how to operate the board or made an error in selecting the right keys. Electrone Americas has developed a keyboard that can help eliminate some of these common errors.

The ES 150 was designed to help call centers move the calls quicker to their end destination. There are 150 user-friendly, user-programmable keys. Some keys are illuminated and all have standard USB connectivity. If you have an advanced operation, there is also an optional LCD display.

Key switches are rated at 1 million cycles of operation. Plus, the keys are arranged in logical groups of panels. Key tops are transparent and removable for labeling. Simple GUI software simplifies all the programming of the keys. Once the programming is completed, parameters are saved, downloaded and stored in the actual keyboard without the assistance or need for special drivers.

The actual design is extremely functional and easy to understand. The Electrone Americas ES 150 makes handling and routing all emergency calls much quicker than old, standard keyboards.


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