The key to productivity may be in the keyboard

What does improving the working environment mean to you? At Google, it means free food in the cafeteria, and subsidized massages. At Electrone, it means supplying the best keyboard you can afford—the 150 keyboard is worth the added investment.

Several studies have shown that humans have strong reactions to design. This is not an intellectual response—our reactions to things we touch, drive, and operate occur on a visceral level. Good design, it has been shown, can increase creativity, motivation, and productivity. Thus a user-friendly keyboard, the call center’s primary tool, can have a dramatic impact. With all the design perks and programmability of Electrone’s 150 keyboard, employees are empowered to be both fast and thorough.

Employees want to feel valued and they want to look forward to coming to a work environment that is comfortable. Take a hard look at the technology you’re utilizing, and whether it is something the employee has to fight against or flow with. If your keyboard has flexibility, intuitive key placement, and eases the strain of repetitive actions, you’ve made huge strides toward employee satisfaction.


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