The ultimate trackball









Electrone’s military grade trackballs offer the precision that no other competitor can: guaranteed performance in the most demanding of military environments. Complete with three integrated military grade micro switches, this is the trackball of choice for high end military projects.

Why use a trackball instead of a mouse? For starters, trackballs allow for effortless, smoothly controlled handling to navigate any screen and each size can be panel mountable. Plus, trackballs provide greater shock and vibration resistance, which is of utmost importance when conditions are erratic.

Developed through close collaboration with a Military System manufacturer, Electrone’s F60 military trackball meets the specific requirements of military grade equipment. Many military clients have found the trackball an excellent fit for artillery hunting equipment and other radar modules. Versatile, compatible with most keyboards, and panel mountable, the trackballs come in three sizes, with a fourth model available for medical use. Custom connection options can also be made available by request. For precision, ease, and reliability, it’s worth exploring all that trackballs offer.


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