The beauty of a direct-to-consumer supply chain

Streamlining the supply chain makes a lot of sense, as a simpler supply chain means reduced costs for retailers. When you purchase equipment directly from an IT vendor, those lower costs get passed on to you, along with greater flexibility in terms of software specifications. Direct to consumer and direct feedback go hand in hand. If you have ways that you would like a product customized, being in touch with your supplier has its advantages. Electrone, for example, is very receptive to requests to alter the style and design of their products. A relationship with your supplier, versus having to go through a channel partner, can mean a world of difference in your ability to customize your order.

With Electrone, it means you can make last minute changes at the point of sale. It can let you have a lower EPoS terminal in some stores, and well-designed, stylish looking units in another. It also lets you acquire specific features in order to handle problems and separate yourself from the competition.

The clients can feel, rightly so, that his impact on the supplier is immediate and powerful. Testing out a few units at first, or getting them on short notice, is no big deal for suppliers who own their manufacturing.

Bottom line: Being close to the production line means frustrating waits are kept to a minimum. Electrone’s streamlined technology supply chain offers you better service, higher customer satisfaction, and lets you easily differentiate your brand.


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