Go for the cashless cutting edge

Cashless works best in a number of situations, including schools. Electrone has expanded its range of hardware solutions to meet the changing market demands for cashless systems. When you need an automated means to credit cash into the accounts, Electrone has created an easy and efficient solution that can fully integrate with your software application.

The authority on cashless catering, Electrone has developed 2 models of VLT to cater for the different technology being used in the market sectors being addressed. The VLT 101 is a proximity card- based model which has a small display, a card acceptor and a note and coin acceptor. The VLT 301 is a biometric-based touch-screen model with a fingerprint reader and a note and coin acceptor. Additional features, such as key pads for authentication/verification, can also be added to meet individual customer requirements.

Even though the VLT models have been built with the requirements of the school meals sector in mind, they are flexible enough that they can be integrated into other environments where user accounts need to be charged up with cash deposits. Sports clubs, social clubs, golf clubs or individual company cafeterias where employees want to add value to their meal accounts are all situations that would be perfect for Electrone’s VLT.

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