What happens in the keypad stays in the keypad

Identity theft is not just paranoid thinking. According to Justice Department, in about 8.6 million households at least one person 12 or older experienced some kind of identity theft in 2010. That same year, the Justice department estimates, identity theft cost households a total of $13.3 billion in 2010 in direct financial losses.

Of course, large corporations are victims of identity theft too. Electrone’s 720 numeric keypad can help corporations that handle and are responsible for private information protect personal data from being stolen and used in identity theft schemes. Plus, an institution’s implementation of up-to-date technology for better data security stands to not only improve relations with existing customers, clients, and employees, but can also help forge new relations based on the identity theft protection offered by its technological infrastructure.

Two common ways that identity theft criminals acquire peoples’ personal data are by simply listening and watching. To help prevent identity theft, institutions should therefore implement technology — Electrone numeric keypads do the trick—that minimize how often its customers, clients, and employees have to say their private information out loud, and how often these individuals have to enter their private information into exposed devices.

Electrone 720 Series Numeric Keypads are currently used by numerous institutions for precisely that reason—individuals do not have to say their social security numbers to get service or treatment. Instead, they can key in their information for automatic identification. The institutions using Electrone keypads for this application, which include medical centers; banks; and driver’s license offices, are making major strides toward protecting individuals from identity theft.

With the proper software, data entered into a 720 Series Numeric Keypad can be 100 percent encrypted, which prevents the data from being deciphered by unauthorized programs. Electrone numeric keypads can also be programmed so that their LCD screens show asterisks instead of actual digits. Furthermore, 720 Series Numeric Keypads can be customized to feature privacy shields that prevent anyone from seeing the numbers entered by users. Institutions can even choose from different interface options, such as Serial; USB; TCP/IP; and PoE, the latter two of which gives the keypads secure Ethernet connectivity.

Electrone keypads are customized to meet your businesses specific needs, so projects are handled efficiently and companies run smoothly. Whatever your requirements, the Electrone 720 series Numeric Keypad will help protect your client’s private information and strengthen your reputation as a trusted resource.


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