Different (key) strokes for cutting-edge folks

Electrone’s 735 keypad offers innovation in every aspect of hardware design. First off, the keypad’s easy adaptability and flexibility makes the Electrone 735 the perfect choice to complement a huge range of management software. This safe, easy, and practically unbreakable keypad does everything you would want a keypad to do. Here’s an overview of the 735’s outstanding benefits:

The 735 range of keypads are designed for use in sensitive environments where the ability to keep the keyboard clean is of paramount importance. The keypad can withstand 1 million keystrokes and still ensure entries are inputted correctly. It comes with a plastic and rubber enclosure, but a metal enclosure version is also available. But the keypads are more than just rugged. The 735 range of keypads can be built with a variety of security and compatibility options based on Electrone America’s client specifications.

Easy to integrate into your current software applications, the keypads eliminate the need to say confidential information out loud, offering the option to manually type into the keypad for verification instead. A great use of this programmable keypad is public service offices including schools, banks, hospitals, and government agencies that need to protect their customers’ personal information, such as birth date, social security number and credit card information.

The Electrone 735 range of keypads are the perfect fit for gym and health club management software— the keypad’s flexibility make it the ideal complement for a range of software applications. If you need to track customers attendance or usage, the keypads can integrate with external devices—RFID readers, finger print readers, bar code readers and magnetic card readers—that accommodate secure identification.


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