Combat Terror with Cutting-edge Technology

The recent Boston Marathon bombings heightened awareness of the need for extra security measures. How bombproof are your security strategies? Is your security camera surveillance cutting edge? If you are at all in doubt, it may well be worth your while to check out Electrone’s EAL System 200 Security Camera Control Console.

The EAL System 200 is a powerful tool for combating terror. It’s equipped to remotely control a large number of cameras over a network as well as consolidate the operations necessary to manage cameras for security applications. The standard model EAL System 200 has a triple-axis joystick that enables security agents to easily manipulate high-tech digital security cameras in their effort to identify potential terrorists. This model also features a 2-port USB hub for seamless integration with other devices pivotal to operating an effective counterterrorism security camera system.

The EAL System 200 comes with a variety of customizable options designed to make it a perfect complement to your surveillance infrastructure. It can be supplied as a “mouse-stick” for security software that allows camera control using a mouse, thus allowing security agents much more flexibility in operating this type of software for counter-terrorist security applications. The unit can also be customized to feature up to 70 programmable buttons and/or a graphic LCD display with 4 soft keys, both of which features make light of navigating even the largest of camera networks. Plus, the

programmable keys dramatically streamline monitoring tasks and are a valuable asset during terror alerts when security agents are rushing to complete multiple tasks. The LCD display feature allows specific commands to be issued directly to the security agent operating the console—a communication capability that is invaluable to a counterterrorism security camera network.

Given the importance of security measures in almost any public sphere, you won’t regret having the best technological support at your fingertips. Electrone’s development expertise in this specialized sector has created a security camera control device believed to be unique in the marketplace.

Go for the cashless cutting edge

Cashless works best in a number of situations, including schools. Electrone has expanded its range of hardware solutions to meet the changing market demands for cashless systems. When you need an automated means to credit cash into the accounts, Electrone has created an easy and efficient solution that can fully integrate with your software application.

The authority on cashless catering, Electrone has developed 2 models of VLT to cater for the different technology being used in the market sectors being addressed. The VLT 101 is a proximity card- based model which has a small display, a card acceptor and a note and coin acceptor. The VLT 301 is a biometric-based touch-screen model with a fingerprint reader and a note and coin acceptor. Additional features, such as key pads for authentication/verification, can also be added to meet individual customer requirements.

Even though the VLT models have been built with the requirements of the school meals sector in mind, they are flexible enough that they can be integrated into other environments where user accounts need to be charged up with cash deposits. Sports clubs, social clubs, golf clubs or individual company cafeterias where employees want to add value to their meal accounts are all situations that would be perfect for Electrone’s VLT.

The beauty of a direct-to-consumer supply chain

Streamlining the supply chain makes a lot of sense, as a simpler supply chain means reduced costs for retailers. When you purchase equipment directly from an IT vendor, those lower costs get passed on to you, along with greater flexibility in terms of software specifications. Direct to consumer and direct feedback go hand in hand. If you have ways that you would like a product customized, being in touch with your supplier has its advantages. Electrone, for example, is very receptive to requests to alter the style and design of their products. A relationship with your supplier, versus having to go through a channel partner, can mean a world of difference in your ability to customize your order.

With Electrone, it means you can make last minute changes at the point of sale. It can let you have a lower EPoS terminal in some stores, and well-designed, stylish looking units in another. It also lets you acquire specific features in order to handle problems and separate yourself from the competition.

The clients can feel, rightly so, that his impact on the supplier is immediate and powerful. Testing out a few units at first, or getting them on short notice, is no big deal for suppliers who own their manufacturing.

Bottom line: Being close to the production line means frustrating waits are kept to a minimum. Electrone’s streamlined technology supply chain offers you better service, higher customer satisfaction, and lets you easily differentiate your brand.

When speed is at a premium

Most call centers are quick to invest in any new technology that promises to improve agent productivity. Electrone’s 150 keyboard is a perfect fit for the relentless pace of call centers: it reduces repetitive keyboard strokes and maximizes efficiency. Designed with the needs of call centers as the uppermost priority, the 150 has numerous features that dovetail perfectly to suit daily operations.

Here are some of the stand-out capabilities of the 150 keyboard:

  •  Standard USB port with secondary keyboard port passthrough, USB
  • Up to 150 programmable keys
  • Key switches rated at 1,000,000 cycles of operation
  • Removable transparent key tops to enable labeling
  • Powder-coated metal enclosure
  • 12-month limited warranty
  • Various language layouts

Armed with these features, employees can handle the volume and pace of a typical call center with relative ease. Functionality streamlines the job, letting employees concentrate on the caller, not computer glitches.


The key to productivity may be in the keyboard

What does improving the working environment mean to you? At Google, it means free food in the cafeteria, and subsidized massages. At Electrone, it means supplying the best keyboard you can afford—the 150 keyboard is worth the added investment.

Several studies have shown that humans have strong reactions to design. This is not an intellectual response—our reactions to things we touch, drive, and operate occur on a visceral level. Good design, it has been shown, can increase creativity, motivation, and productivity. Thus a user-friendly keyboard, the call center’s primary tool, can have a dramatic impact. With all the design perks and programmability of Electrone’s 150 keyboard, employees are empowered to be both fast and thorough.

Employees want to feel valued and they want to look forward to coming to a work environment that is comfortable. Take a hard look at the technology you’re utilizing, and whether it is something the employee has to fight against or flow with. If your keyboard has flexibility, intuitive key placement, and eases the strain of repetitive actions, you’ve made huge strides toward employee satisfaction.

Boost efficiency, ease strain—the 150 keyboard does it all

Working at a call center is hectic, fast-paced, and repetitive. Your equipment should make your job easier, not harder. Enter Electrone Americas 150 keyboard. Designed in response to call center and related industries need for pre-programmable key actions, the 150 has up to 150 user-programmable keys. Added benefits are particularly useful for call centers, such as illuminated keys, keys configured for specific software applications, color-coded options, and the potential for a built in LCD display.

And the final coup de grâce? The keys are arranged in logical groups of panels, making for a more intuitive selection and simpler navigation.

Our customers love the keyboard’s adaptability, ease of use and efficiency. It’s built for speed—perhaps the No. 1 priority of call centers. The keyboard accelerates the automation of any user application requiring standard forms or a relational database. With its key switches rated at 1,000, 000 cycles of operation and various language layouts, you don’t want to settle for anything less.

Electrone Americas ES 150 keyboard

Emergency Services are under pressure to shorten response times

Too often we hear about someone who has called for Emergency Services and the service was delayed because the 911 operator at the call center did not know how to operate the board or made an error in selecting the right keys. Electrone Americas has developed a keyboard that can help eliminate some of these common errors.

The ES 150 was designed to help call centers move the calls quicker to their end destination. There are 150 user-friendly, user-programmable keys. Some keys are illuminated and all have standard USB connectivity. If you have an advanced operation, there is also an optional LCD display.

Key switches are rated at 1 million cycles of operation. Plus, the keys are arranged in logical groups of panels. Key tops are transparent and removable for labeling. Simple GUI software simplifies all the programming of the keys. Once the programming is completed, parameters are saved, downloaded and stored in the actual keyboard without the assistance or need for special drivers.

The actual design is extremely functional and easy to understand. The Electrone Americas ES 150 makes handling and routing all emergency calls much quicker than old, standard keyboards.