Printing makes perfect

As anyone who relies on a printer knows, having a responsive printer can make or break your workflow. Electrone has two options for printers: their Zebra line and their QL series.

The Zebra line has many applications for healthcare. Using Electrone’s Zebra Printers ultimately reduce the risk of entering incorrect information on patients. Nobody wants to prescribe the wrong medication—that’s why pharmacy labels can be made that scan prescribed medicine, as well as print bar coded labels containing patient information by using the QL Plus within the pharmacy.

The QL Plus series of printers is a great fit for price marking in retail. With the help of wireless Wan, markdowns are a cinch. Shelf labeling becomes a breeze, as the QL Plus series of printers can print one or several shelf labels at the required point of application.

A good printer can be hard to find. If you have an appropriate environment for the QL, why not explore the benefits? You can streamline your tasks and maximize your efficiency, using a printer that does exactly what you need it to—and more.